Advertising videos will appear on Facebook

So, commercials will be included themselves — This means that when watching a news tape, users will have to periodically be distracted from their affairs and turn off the advertisement manually. Such videos are likely to play with sound. Advertising will definitely be present in the standard version of Facebook, While nothing specific is reported about the mobile site mobile version.

Each of the advertisers will be given the opportunity to show his video to the user up to three times a day — Regardless of which device a person uses to enter a social network. This means that if the user enters the site from a smartphone, tablet and computer in one day, then advertising will be shown three times on all three devices in total.

Rumors came from two anonymous sources, who stated that they followed Facebook plans The last few weeks. That is why you should not completely trust the above information — It may well turn out that part of it was distorted.



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