Aerocool Strike-X Freezer: “Freezing” for a laptop

Portfolio produced by Aerocool Advanced Technologies (AAT) products from the Strike-X company line for avid gamers were replenished with a new active air-cooled system for portable computers called Freezer.

This cooler stand is connected by USB 2 interface.0 and is designed for use to laptops with a screen diagonal up to 19 inches. It is made of durable black plastic, equipped with the upper metal lattice and has rubber legs for greater stability on the slippery surface. A 200-mm fan with red LED backlight is installed inside the structure, which in a neglected state pumps up to 57 cubic feet of air per minute and creates noise no higher than 15 dB.

Aerocool Strike-X Freezer

Now it remains to find out when and at what price the creators intend to start selling their brainchild.


  • Aerocool Advanced Technologies (Aat)

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