After 13 years, Microsoft says goodbye to Cortana

One of the important areas of development in Microsoft for a long time remained a voice assistant Cortana, but now she was found an overly tempting alternative. We are talking about the introduction of intellectual Bing Chat based on ChatGPT in all key products of the company. Microsoft has already officially announced that in the current month Cortana will stop working on Windows. Some users of the voice assistant no longer work after one of the OS updates.

It is worth remembering that Cortana was presented to users 13 years ago. The debut took place on Windows Phone no longer existing today. The digital assistant was positioned as a convenient way of managing the phone without the help of hands, and his functionality was similar to what Siri and Google Assistant at that time were offered. Just like competitors, Cortana tried to be as useful as possible, predicting what could be needed while using the phone. And a little later Cortana appeared on computers.

The expansion of the application covered the mobile platforms Android and iOS. But for several years in a row, Microsoft has been gradually reducing the presence of Cortana in its products. Support for mobile platforms was stopped in 2021, and a few months later the assistant disappeared and from the task of the current version of Windows. If you are still dear to you this voice assistant in this OS, you can activate the special function “voice access”. It does not require connection to the network and transforms speech into the text, but offers limited control opportunities.

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