After Mammoth and Tilatsin, Colossal will resurrect an extinct drinter

After the ambitious project to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth and Tilacin, Colossal Biosciences decided to revive the Dront population – birds first discovered by Dutch sailors at the end of the 16th century on the island of Mauritan. Unfortunately, not even 100 years have passed since it completely disappeared as a result of predatory extermination.

Colossal received 150 million to the “resurrection” of Dront. dollars. With this in mind, the total financing of its projects over the past two years has already amounted to 225 million. dollars.

In addition to restoring the population of extinct animals, including birds, the company will develop technologies for the preservation of species that are under threat of disappearance. The company said that at the moment it is conducting more than 40 studies related to sequencing (determining the sequence of DNA of the body genome – approx. Ed. Technical culture) genomes of African and Asian elephants, and their pluripotent stem cells have already been obtained.

At the same time, a group of 30 researchers involved in the “resurrection” of Tilacin managed to get the pluripotent Stem cells of Danart, his closest relative from the kind of narrow -legged marsupial. Scientists have developed a technique for editing cells and an artificial uterus was created for bearing future cubs.


Source &#8212 Colossal

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