After a few days, SpaceX will test the prototype of the Starship SN2 missile

It seems that the failure with the prototype of the Starship SN1 rocket did not affect the mood of the head of the private aerospace company SpaceX Ilona Mask.

Last Friday, SpaceX tested the full -size prototype of the Starship SN1 missile under pressure, as a result of which it scattered into pieces. It is reported that the wreckage of the rocket took off to a height of 10–20 meters.

Musk did not immediately respond to what happened on Friday. However, the tweet of the general director of SpaceX, posted on Monday, indicate that he did not bloom on failure.

«It’s good, we will just fix it», — Mask noted in one of the tweets. And in the next tweet, he already shifts the emphasis on the next prototype of the rocket, which is under construction. According to the mask, it will be first tested under pressure using water, and then cryogenic fuel. «We hope that we will be ready for testing in a few days», — Mask noted.


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