After an unexpected fall in shares, Apple lost the title of the most expensive company in the world

For a long time, Apple remained the most expensive company in the world. However, after yesterday’s unexpected fall in shares for shares at once $ 28, Apple overtook the oil giant Exxon. The cost of one Apple shares fell below $ 400. Although the financial indicators of the “fruit” company could not be called catastrophic, Apple could not fulfill the forecast for analysts for the next three quarters, as a result of which the cost of shares fell.

In addition, there are serious doubts that while maintaining the previous development course, the company will be able to compete with Samsung and its inexpensive Android smartphones that filled the market. In September, after the launch of the iPhone 5, the cost of Apple shares reached the maximum value — $ 700, however, after this, the shares are in a state of free fall. At yesterday’s exchange-off bidding, 396.11 dollars were given for one promotion, which is a 52-week minimum. However, by the end of the auction, the price jumped to $ 402.80, which slightly reduced the initial cost of cost to 23.44 dollars. As a result, the company in one day «Satered» 5.5%.

Currently, the Apple market capitalization is 378.25 billion, for comparison in Microsoft — 241.45. Even if the Cupertinsky company cannot regain the title of the most expensive company, having lost to oil workers from Exxon, for Apple it will not be a disaster. Much worse if the company’s capitalization becomes less than the main competitors.

However, the cost of shares and exchange trading do not always reflect the real state of affairs. As a rule, price fluctuations depend on the opinions of analysts, and not on the real situation in the market. And analysts, as you know, are often mistaken. It is unlikely that anyone will have doubts that the company’s fans will buy Apple devices regardless of promotions, while lovers of inexpensive solutions from Samsung are also unlikely to change their tastes.


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