After thinking about the iPhone, Apple went v-bank

Deciding to sell phones, Apple put literally everything on the card. According to the top manager, the iPhone has become a truly significant product for the American corporation.

Apple Vice President Phil Schiller was in the California court, which is now being considered on Samsung’s charges of violating the iPhone and iPad manufacturer and iPad. The chief marketer of the California giant spoke about the importance of smartphones for the company.

«There was a great risk, — Schiller recalls the first generation of iPhone, released in 2007. — We called it a fateful product among ourselves. Then the iPod went uphill again, but instead of investment in it, we sent all our resources — financial and labor — To create iPhone».

As a result, the company released its first smartphone much earlier than the tablet, although the work on the iPad was carried out long before the iPhone, said Phil Schiller. According to him, now they work on phones to varying degrees «Almost all» Apple employees, while at the start of this project the staff involved in it was measured by a hundred employees.

According to the results of the fourth quarter of 2013, the financial year (on September 28) IPhone sales amounted to a record 33.8 million pieces, and revenue from them — $ 19.5 billion. For 6 years of presence «Apple» Smartphones on the market were sold in the amount of 421 million pieces.


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