After the announcement of WII U, Nintendo shares fell to a 5-year minimum

Our regular readers, of course, know that, as part of the opening of an exhibition of electronic entertainment E3 2011, Nintendo introduced a new game console called Wii U, although it was more like that only a controller was demonstrated to it, — The console itself visitors to the exhibition never saw. But, despite the fact that the company has high hopes on the prefix and expects that Wii U will repeat the success of the predecessor, not only potential consumers, but also investors do not share the enthusiasm of the developers. Since the presentation of the WII U, the cost of shares of the company has fallen by 7.5%, updating the minimum recorded in April 2006, Bloomberg reported.

To date, Nintendo is the leader in the number of home and portable gaming consoles sold in the world – Implemented 86 million prefixes WII and 148 million DS. The growth of volumes for the past two years, along with the natural obsolescence of the used components and technologies, is greatly prevented by competitors in the person of Microsoft and Sony. Recall that Nintendo was the first to use an unusual WiMote game control system based on movements controllers. Her analogue later appeared in Microsoft and Sony – Kinect and Move, respectively. In addition, a considerable part of the DS portable console has lured Apple to their side, releasing gadgets on iOS: Games with low cost and high quality are not inferior, and often significantly exceed offers from Nintendo.



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