Kaspersky Lab signed an agreement with Qualcomm

Kaspersky Lab Technical Director Nikolai Grebennikov said that smartphone producers need the help of security experts who have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the latest trends in electronic threats. «We try to build relationships with some suppliers in the mobile world, but the main one for us is Qualcomm, we agree with them to include our safety solutions in the lower level of the operating system», — told Nikolai Grebennikov. — «For example, the supplier cannot protect the device from malicious programs that are divided into several parts, where each in itself is not harmful, but when installing together they will have malicious functionality».

However, the project is at an early stage. New security solutions will appear on all devices using Qualcomm chips, regardless of the manufacturer. According to Kaspersky Lab experts, this approach will help to cope with growing threats for mobile devices.


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