AI created the mod of the game screbble, in which only non -existent words can be used

English is not considered complicated in learning, but with the advent of BLABRECS everything will change. This is an instrument based on artificial intelligence for the game in the “screbble”, a traditional family entertainment in which players try to make different words from chips-boobs. The new AI was designed to radically change the gameplay – it allows you to collect only non -existent words from letters.

The developer BlabredCS, Max Kremenski, describes his brainchild as “the worst that can be done with screbblle”. In the classical game, those who have a large vocabulary have an advantage to notice as many combinations as possible to intersect the series of letters to obtain new words. And BlabredCS requires players to make the exact opposite – to make combinations of letters that sound like words, but these words should not be in English.

The difficulty of the game in Blabrecs is that the hound out and random sets of characters, he rejects. AI uses a base of 173,000 words, which is seven times more than the vocabulary of Shakespeare or Pushkin. In addition, AI is trained in statistical analysis and knows the laws of building words in English, so it easily filters the sets of letters that the native speaker could not use. It is almost impossible to win with him if you do not have the talent of Lewis Carroll, the author of the famous poem Barmaglot, which consists entirely of such non -existent, but very realistic words.

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