AI defeated the real pilot in air battle in 90 seconds

According to The South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong Campaite, an experimental duel was held in China between two unmanned aircraft, one of which was controlled by artificial intelligence, and the remote operator was controlled. As a result, only a minute and a half later in a battle at a near distance, AI won a confident victory.

This unique air battle was conducted by a team of scientists from the Center for Research and Development in the field of Aerodynamics of the LLC under the leadership of Professor Juan Zyuntao. In his opinion, despite some problems, the fight “proved the technical viability of the piloting technology using AI”.

According to researchers, having a powerful computing potential, AI can be much more accurate to predict the course of the battle, which allows him to easily intercept the initiative at the right time.

In favor of AI, he also says that he does not need to worry about the purely human problems associated with life support – for example, in case of violation of oxygen, high overloads on turns and perform other maneuvers.

Source &#8212 The South China Morning Post

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