AIDA 2.0 – Automotive projection navigation (2 videos)

The AIDA project from Volkswagen and Mit was a friendly robot living on the dashboard and helping the driver choose the right road. New versions 2.0 turns the entire car interior into a GPS display! The idea of the project is to combine in the reach of the zone, on the dashboard all the information that the driver may be needed. During the movement of the car, the updated AIDA will collect and filter from the surrounding world those data that, in her opinion, could be useful to the owner. The system will remember your work schedule, a cafe where you like to have lunch, etc.D. – The longer you are with AIDA, the more she knows about you and the more effective it becomes. True, it is unclear whether in this case the driver will have time to follow the road…

Source: SmartPlanet

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