AIDA64 2.50 Final supports Nvidia GeForce 600

Among the features of AIDA64, one can distinguish:

  • Support of more than three hundred models of SSD drives;
  • The collection of 64-bit tests for the performance of the processor and memory;
  • System Stability Test stability, working with 64-bit systems;
  • An improved module for tracking the state of equipment in real time with Intel QST 2 support.0, koolance TMS-200.

In the latest version, Support for Intel 330 and OCZ Vertex 4 SSD was added, information about NVIDIA GeForce 600, as well as the SPEECH API, have been added.

You can download the trial version aida64 from here.

  • System Explorer 3.88: detailed information about the system;
  • Fresh Diagnose 8.63: Free diagnostics;
  • SIW-X64 2012.04.08: Diagnostics and analysis of PC.



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