AI taught to calculate criminals by faces

Scientists trained the machine learning algorithm so that it could analyze the faces of two thousand people without hair on their face, while half of them were criminals. 90 % of the samples were used to train the system, the remaining 10 % were given for analysis of artificial intelligence.

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review

Researchers assure that AI correctly determined criminals in 89.5 % of cases. Thanks to the system, it was possible to find out that the criminal personalities have 23 % more lip beam more than ordinary people, 6 % less the distance between two internal corners of the eyes and 20 % more acute angle between the two lines from the tip of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Also, as a result of the study, it turned out that the more people are similar to each other, the less likely they are criminals.

The study was conducted in photographs of people of almost identical ethnicity, which causes serious fears regarding the future. While the criminality of the personality can be due to genes, most scientists assure that this indicator has a much closer connection with environmental socio-economic factors. If such dubious studies, like this, suddenly take root in the public consciousness, then this can lead to the fact that «justice» A priori will be performed.


  • MIT Technology Review

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