Air Force veteran turned the written off Douglas R4D aircraft into a family autofurg

The whole world is known that the Americans are unconditional pioneers and fashion legislators in the field of car creation. Apparently, in confirmation of this, the US Air Force Veteran, a self -aligned aircraft, Jino Lygschi turned the Douglas R4D to the family autofurg, which he called the “Fairytale Flamingo”, the written off military aircraft he acquired two years ago.

Before starting a transformation from an airplane to a van, Tarti bought the necessary spare parts at Bontrager Surplus. The whole next year went to the alteration.

Inside the van Fabulous Flamingo

Inside the van Fabulous FlamingoThere was an authentic helm – but only as a decoration

Being a fan of aviation, I tried to leave as many details as possible from the plane in my brainchild. In particular, he secured the front of the fuselage on the truck frame, inside which you can only get along the abduction “native” ladder on the right side. The driver’s seats and the passenger nearby also crossed the “inheritance” from the good old “Douglas”.

Autofurg from the plane

The result was a comfortable van with an area of almost 28 square meters. meters with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, which complement the plate, sink, refrigerator, microwave, cabinets, sofa, dining room and toilet with the bathroom.
Gino Lygsi had already managed to legalize and run in his “fairy -tale flamingo”, having made a trip from Michigan along the states of Texas and Men.

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