Air holograms reacting to touch have been created in Japan

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan created holograms responding to touch. For this, femtosecond lasers were involved, capable of stimulating matter to radiation of light, which allows you to form holograms with a feedback.

The generated holograms are called Fairy Lights. Their maximum volume does not exceed 1 cubic meter. centimeters, but it can be increased using special optical devices. If you touch the hologram with a finger, it breaks up for a moment, but immediately restores as soon as the touch ends.

Contact hologram

Japanese scientists create holographic images in two ways using the lens and mirrors system. Images consist of the so -called plasma stakes —three -dimensional pixels that can be compared with atoms in relation to computer technology.

The role of projectors is assigned to two ultra -suffering femtosecond lasers. The first generates a thousand pulses per second with a capacity of 7 million each, and the second – 200 thousand. Impulses per second with a capacity of 50 microdzhoule. The plasma they created is safer compared to nanosecond lasers that can cause burns.

Lasers, mirrors and lenses necessary for building a hologramLasers, mirrors and lenses necessary for building a hologram

According to one of the leading specialists of the University of Yoshi Puriyai, the new technology can be used for three -dimensional communication, medical training, the creation of a holographic computer keyboard, as well as during video conferences.

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