Air Wings – Arcade

There is no plot. The action takes place in a full 3D. At least three paper aircraft with invisible reactive engines are at the disposal of the player. It is worth starting one into the air once – and it will fly almost endlessly. That’s certainly a childhood dream. Most likely, you also painted in your planes invented weapons or even mercilessly placed a pencil directly between the wings of a home -made fighter. Here all this already exists. Managing aircraft is very difficult. The game reads the readings of the accelerometer and the gyroscope, changing the angle of inclination and turning our air ship. The reaction to any, even invisible movement, acts instantly, and therefore at first the dish is shaking like “hit”, and we are frantically trying not to fit into the wall or at least align the flight path. The walls here are our worst enemy. One collision is equal to the loss of one aircraft.


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