Airbnb may enter the air deposit reservation market

The startup is going to launch the service before reaching the IPO, which should take place in the next three years, according to the sources. Nick Papas (Nick Papas, representative of Airbnb, refused to somehow comment on rumors and said that in the near future the company did not plan to conduct the initial placement of shares.

Airbnb, originating eight years ago, helps people in finding a temporary dwelling among strangers who provide access to their own houses and apartments. With its growth, the company begins to look for new sources of income. So, last month she launched tours, booking tables in restaurants and other travelers united in the Airbnb Trips service. The startup, which this year was estimated by investors of $ 30 billion, wants to become a service where people will be able to plan travel completely, and not just look for housing.

If Airbnb enters the aircraft booking market, then Priceline and ExpeDia may lose a considerable part of its customers. In the field of online touring studies, hotel reservation and housing search are much more profitable, but flights help companies attract users’ attention to their sites.


  • Bloomberg

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