Air pollution last year killed three times more people than Covid-19

The situation with the Pandemia of Coronavirus clearly showed how disunity humanity is, and how little is its chances to combine efforts even in the face of a global threat. But the active manipulation of information turned out to be even more destructive, which gives rise to new threats. Thus, the observer of the Guardian publication Rebecca Sololnit reports a little-known factor who last year led to the death of 8.7 million people-this is three times more than died of Covid-19.

While Koronavirus and the measures taken to combat him were at the hearing, an invisible killer has long been working in the world, which is very rarely talked about. We are talking about pollution of the atmosphere, or rather its consequences for human health. Here are lung diseases, and chronic intoxication with heavy metals, and a carcinogenic threat, and a radioactive effect and much more – the problem is very large and truly global.

According to the data, 62 % of all deaths due to dirty air falls on China and India. Despite the fact that in China the struggle with Smog was turned into a national idea, and in India in the new millennium they seriously took up the filtration of emissions and drains, which was never in the history of this country. And all the same, these tremendous efforts are not enough – people breathe poison and die, but it has become so familiar that it passes as an information background. But if the Covid-19 sooner or later can be won by vaccination and transfusion of plasma with antibodies, then what to do with dirty and dangerous air on the scale of whole continents is still completely incomprehensible.

Source &#8212 The Guardian

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