Airbnb free housing for those who help fight pandemia

Airbnb rental service presented a new program with something like this: “We will find housing for 100,000 people who help fight coronavirus”.

In accordance with it, Airbnb, with the support of owners of various housing, intends to provide a place for rest for 100 thousand doctors, employees of emergency services and other structures participating in measures to combat pandemia and who need to be closer to the place of work.

According to Airbnb, this initiative is an analogue of programs adopted in Italy and France, within the framework of which 6,000 housing owners offer their homes to doctors, nurses, and persons providing patient care and other staff.

This program is an expanded version of the Airbnb Open Homes 2012 project, which allows hosts to provide housing in need of emergency situations.

So, as part of this program, Airbnb announced his readiness to pay the French who provided free housing to the aforementioned categories of citizens, a bonus of 50 euros as a compensation for the cost of cleaning the premises and cancel all service fees for them. At the same time, the program may not participate in separate apartments, but entire houses. A similar initiative will affect Italy, which most in Europe suffered from the Covid-19 epidemic.

Source &#8212 Airbnb

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