Airbus helicopter made the first flight of 100% ecological fuel

Airbus relies on environmentally friendly aviation. The first swallow is the H225 two -engine helicopter operating on the SAF aircraft fuel from the bio -waste fat, worked out vegetable and technical oils.

H225 Successfully passed the first test flights, now the air gym is in the fuel certification by 2030 for commercial aviation, which will reduce CO2 emissions half without damage to the flight and technical characteristics.

During the tests in November 2021, H225 took a flight with one engine completely refueling SAF, and in March, one of the engines of the A380 liner fuel was filled with ecological fuel. In the current flight, both H225 helicopter engines were refueling SAF fuel. The purpose of test flights is to check the ability to operate the engines on eco -fuel and find out how it affects the aircraft systems. Then its effectiveness will be checked on other types of helicopters.

An important property of SAF is the ability to mix it with aviation kerosene in a ratio of 50:50 without modification of engines, which is radical – by 85 % – reduces CO2 emissions.

Source &#8212 Airbus

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