Airbus successfully experienced an autonomous helicopter-bearer VSR700

Airbus Helicopters (Airbus Group unit) completed the last stage of the sea tests of the BSR700 helicopter. In particular, their program included 80 take -offs and landing in autonomous mode with a helicopter deck in stormy weather using the ATOL system.

It is complemented by the Airbus Deckfinder system, which provides take -off and landing on the deck in the conditions of pitching without satellite navigation GNSS/GPS and in conditions of poor visibility.

Take -off weight VSR700 – 700 kg. It is equipped with a Thiert Centurion 2 diesel engine.0 with a capacity of 155 l. With., develops cruising speed 220 km/h and carries a useful load up to 100 kg. Sensors are installed on it that allow the drone to conduct reconnaissance, observation, fight submarines, protect sea borders and participate in rescue operations.

The main result of the tests-for the first time on the wing, a tactical helicopter-bearing, which is a single integral system was placed on the wing.

Airbus VSR700

Source &#8212 Airbus Helicopters

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