Akasa Genesism: strict housing in black for Micro-Atx Plates

AKASA added a novelty called Genesism (A-MTX01 code) made of sheets made of SECC brand with a thickness of 0.45 mm and offered in black with a silver strip on the facade.

This model with dimensions of 180 x 410 x 367 mm is designed to install the Micro-Atx standard board, has four expansion slots, equipped with one 3.5-inch and two 5.25-inch external compartments, and also has internal seats for placing a pair3.5-inch drives. The supply set initially includes only one 120-mm rear fan. The set of interfaces displayed out of the USB 2 port duo.0, as well as nests for connecting headphones and microphone.

Akasa Genesism

The price of the product and the terms of its admission to sale are currently required to clarify.


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