“Smart” bicycle helmet Volvo will help reduce the accident

Volvo will demonstrate at the CES 2015 exhibition in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) an innovative concept «smart» bicycle helmet designed to reduce the number of accidents involving cars and cyclists.

The Volvo cars are already installed by the City Safety complex, capable of finding a cyclist, warning the driver and applying braking in automatic mode. «Smart» The bicycle helmet is designed to supplement City Safety.

The new system was developed in cooperation with the Swedish manufacturer of POC sports equipment and Ericsson. Its main task is to ensure bilateral interaction between car drivers and real -time cyclists and warn the participants in the movement of a possible collision.

The system works as follows. Through any application for a smartphone that is common among cyclists, for example, Strava, data on the location of the owner of a two-wheel vehicle are transferred to the Volvo cloud system and through it — to the car. In the same way, information about the car is transmitted to the cyclist. If the system evaluates the risk of collision as significant, both participants in the movement receive a warning and may take the necessary measures to avoid an accident.

The driver’s warning in the Volvo car is displayed on the display projected onto the windshield — The driver receives a signal even if the cyclist is in a blind zone, for example, around the bend, after another car or even at night in a poor visibility. The cyclist warns the light signal in the helmet.

The terms for withdrawing a new system to the commercial market are not reported.


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