AKASA EULER MX case for non-fiber mini-p estimated at $ 200

The Amazon online store began selling AKASA EULER MX, designed to build silent computers of a small form factor based on mother-in-me-sizes of Mini-ITX.

The product is made of aluminum, while the walls play the role of a radiator to remove heat from internal components. This allows us to be limited to a passive cooling system, so that noise is made during operation.

The case is compatible with the ASUS H110I-PLUS D3, H170I-PLUS D3, Z170I Pro, Z97i-Plus and H97I-Plus, Asrock H170M-RITX/DL, H170M-AC and Z97E-AITX/AC, and Gigabyte Ga-Z97n-wifi. It is possible to use Intel processors with the maximum value of dispersed thermal energy 35 W.

The dimensions of the case are 272.6 × 205 × 92.6 mm. Inside there is a place for two drives of 2.5 inches size. Two USB 3 ports were displayed on the front panel.0.

You can purchase Euler MX at an indicative price of 200 US dollars.


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