Akasa Venomstrike: “Steel Tower” for playing PC

The most demanding lovers of virtual battles is oriented with a new computer corps called Venomstrike (AK-STR-01BK code) from AKASA, made at the Full Tower form factor.

A debutant weighing 12.6 kg has dimensions of 591 x 555 x 232 mm and is made of SECC brand sheets 0.8 and 1.0 mm thick. It is offered in black with bright yellow accents and has metal lattices on the front panel, on the side wall and on the top cover. There are also three small transparent windows on the side wall.

Akasa Venomstrike

The model is compatible with Micro-Atx, ATX, E-Atx, and XL-Atx standards, is ready to take on board the video cards up to 330 mm long, equipped with one 3.5-mm and six 5.25 mm compartments, and has ten expansion slots and the expansion slots andendowed with internal seats for installing six 3.5- or 2.5-inch drives.

Akasa Venomstrike

The delivery set initially includes three fans, namely one 230-mm frontal with white LED backlight, one 140-mm rear and another 230-mm on the top cover. If desired, you can add four 120 mm or one 230 mm to the side wall, as well as one 120- or 140-mm from the bottom. In addition, the use of «dropsy», For laying the hoses of which special holes are provided on the back wall.

Akasa Venomstrike

The set of interfaces displayed on the top cover consists of three USB 2 ports.0, one port USB 3.0, one ESATA port and pairs of standard audio units. Next to them are the regulators of the built -in controller to control the speed of rotation at once by six «Propeller».

Now it remains to find out where, when and for what kind of money the product described above can be bought.


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