Akelpad 4.75: Free text editor

Among other features of the program You can note a multi -level lingering system, the presence of a list of the latest files open in the program, memorizing the code page for the file, the position of the sign of the insert and the last line of search/replacement. Akelpad supports additional modules and makes it possible to display a document for printing. The program has a Russian interface.

In the latest version, an option of a request was added when searching for a text in a circle, it was possible to use special characters when replacing regular expressions: \ R, \ N, \ T, \ U0000, \ X00 and T.D. Also added the manual parameter “Akelupdateroptions”, which defines the command string parameters for Akelupdater.EXE.

Developer: Akelpad.SourceForge.Net
Distributes: free
Operating system: Windows All
Size 213 KB
You can download from here.


  • Akelpad.SourceForge.Net

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