Albert Hughes will remove the advertising CG series in the surround circuit Crysis 3

The cinematographic CG series will precede the Crysis 3 exit and present weapons, enemies and features of the gameplay of the new franchise, which will complete the storyline of the three previous parts.

«When Ea and Crytek invited me to join the creation of a video series „Seven miracles Crysis 3“, I liked the idea of creating emotional stories using only visualized images on a computer, — Albert Hughes reported. — The task of creating a film with characters of people, not seeing a person on the screen, was an extremely exciting».

Let’s hope that the experience of the director, operator and screenwriter, who Albert Hughes has accumulated in 20 years of work in these areas, together with the capabilities and vision of the developers team in Crytek will make it possible to create a really impressive video sequence. The last film was the director «The book is Ilai» 2009, which turned out to be quite successful.

The first episode entitled «Damned city», debuts December 12, and the teaser of the series is already available for viewing. Crysis 3 is released in February on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, that is, by this time, releases of all planned series should be expected.



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