Alcatel will complement the assortment with a wireless controller controller onetouch RC20

Alcatel is preparing to launch a wireless controller controller on the market, with which the user will be able to remotely interact with his smartphone. The novelty, called Alcatel OneTouch RC20 Smart Control, has a diameter of not more than three centimeters, and its case with one single button and LED on the front side is made of glossy plastic.

The Alcatel OneTouch RC20 controller was noticed in the US Federal Agency for Database, which is hinting at its soon on sale. Synchronized «smart» Blick with a mobile device using a Bluetooth connection. The owner of Onetouch RC20 will be able to program a single-button remote control to turn on a miniature LED-background, as well as to give a command for photography without tactile interaction with a smartphone.

The main task of Alcatel OneTouch RC20 is the work in searching for a mobile phone lost in the apartment. Pressing the button will force your smartphone if it has not left the Bluetooth action zone, give a sound signal or activate vibrations. However, if suddenly you managed to lose yourself «smart» A keychain, the developers have provided the ability to make a reverse manipulation, as a result of which the signal to identify their location will be supplied by Alcatel OneTouch RC20.

The control of the controller operating mode is set in a special mobile application. True, it is not known for reliably whether Onetouch RC20 will be supported by third-party Android ones, or the company will go to a very controversial step, providing support for only branded smartphones of the OneTouch series.

In any case, if you are interested in the product, an analogue from Motorola is available for ordering — Keylink keychain worth only $ 25.



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