Alcatel-Lucent failed to get royalties with Apple and LG “In the second circle”

The victory of Apple and LG ended the lawsuit with Alcatel-Lucent, which began in 2010. In its claim, the Multimedia Patent Trust, which is the patent unit Alcatel-Lucent, accused Apple of violating three patents relating to the technology of video files, and LG turned out to be believed by the lawsuit, a violator of two patents. According to the calculations of the Multimedia Patent Trust, the damage caused by the unlawful actions of Apple amounted to $ 172.3 million, and LG was proposed to pay compensation in the amount of $ 9.1 million.

Frederick Lorig, a lawyer of Multimedia Patent Trust, lawyer, said that at least 33 companies were paid in the form of a royalties for the use of more than $ 190 million in the technology claim. In turn, Apple and LG lawyers reported that all the necessary payments have already been made by intersectoral licensed association. This fact was confirmed during the hearings held in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of California. Therefore, the jury verdict was carried out in favor of Apple and LG. Apparently, Alcatel-Lucent will no longer be able to receive a fee from individual companies for licensing patents, payments for which have already been made by a licensed association.



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