Aldebaran Robotics announced the Nao Next Gen robot

Aldebaran Robotics introduced a global update of its company robot, a worthy successor of the first model was called Nao Next Gen. The robot has become more powerful and faster, this applies to its mechanical part and performance of electronic computing components. The machine operates on the Intel Atom processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz and has a pair of high resolution chambers, they allow the robot to be better oriented even in conditions of weak lighting and more efficiently recognize objects.

The developer significantly improved the voice control by adding Nuance technology, Nao Next Gen supports natural voice teams and reacts in response, also in a voice. At the same time, he sometimes shows a sense of humor or resumes something sarcastic.

The company has improved the mechanism and walking algorithm, now the robot moves much faster. Built -in sensors allow him to detect the moment of the likely fall, the new Nao lands so as to get a minimum of damage, after which he carefully rises on both legs. The machine is intended for a wide audience, and technically competent buyers will receive all the necessary tools for the development of applications under the NAO NEXT GEN.



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