Alcatel smartphone manufacturer can create an alliance with HTC

The Chinese manufacturer of electronics TCL Communication can buy a share at HTC. This cooperation is theoretically able to strengthen the telephone business of the Taiwanese vendor, given the experience of TCL to revive brands in the smartphone market.

On his page on the Weibo and Li Dongsheng social network, the chairman of the board and the President of TCL, expressed admiration for the work of the chairman of the board of directors and co -founder HTC Cher Wang) and noted that the Union of Companies could pose a serious threat to major players, evensuch as Apple and Samsung. Dongsheng did not report any details.

TCL has a successful experience in investing in mobile devices manufacturers. In 2004, the Chinese company and the French Alcatel formed a joint venture (SP), in which TCL received a 55 percent share, investing about 55 million euros. A year later the latter bought the remaining 45 %. Now in stores you can see an abundant assortment of Alcatel smartphones, including in Russia. A number of new products were presented at the IFA 2014 Berlin exhibition.

A few years ago, HTC was one of the leaders of the global smartphone market, but under the influence of competition she lost positions and was at a loss for a long time. April-June 2014 for the HTC became only the second profitable defense of the river, but the income amounted to only 640 million Taiwann dollars (about $ 21 million) against a pure loss of $ 2.97 billion ($ 97.5 million) a year earlier.


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