“Smart” Altra Halo sneakers will help to develop Correct tread

This year, on sale will go «Smart» Altra Halo sneakers created primarily for runners and people engaged in sports walking.

The peculiarity of the novelty — Sensors integrated into the sole area. Unlike ordinary fitness trackers tracking speed, the number of steps taken and the distance traveled, Altra Halo collect a different kind of data. This is, in particular, the rhythm, the zone of contact of the foot with the road surface and the force of contact.

Information can be transmitted to the intellectual hours of iFit or smartphone. At the same time, the user in real time gets the results of the analysis of the collected indicators, so he can immediately adjust the running or walking technique to work out the optimal.

Buy «Smart» Sneakers will be possible at a price of $ 180. In addition, those who wish will be able to buy the watch iFit Ridge or Peak. Both of these gadgets support the functions of the GPS tracker, monitor the quality of sleep and display notifications from the smartphone. The PEAK model also includes a heart rate sensor, an altimeter, camera, microphone, NFC microchip and wireless recharge tools. The cost of the clock is not reported.


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