Alcohol detection system will not allow a drunken driver to move

As you know, drunken drivers are potential and, alas, very real culprits of terrible accidents with thousands of human victims. In the meantime, the main load in the fight against them falls on the shoulders of traveling police, who often only have to fix and investigate the performed accidents.

The DADSS research program is a joint project of the National District Safety Administration and the US Road Safety Coalition is designed to introduce a unique technology for detecting an increased level of alcohol in the driver.

Respiratory analyzer

The system acts in two versions. In the first case, with the help of special sensors installed on the front panel, alcohol level will be recorded through exhausted air. In the second, sensory systems are involved in close spectroscopy of tissues to determine the level of alcohol.

The fact is that alcohol absorbs a certain length of the wave of light. After measuring its intensity, the system gives the result. For both systems, the maximum level is 0.8 ppm, after which the car simply does not start.

According to the initiators of the project, he has a great future. However, the Institute of Drinks spoke out against Dadss. Press Secretary of the Sarah Institute Longvel is convinced that lovers of drunk driving for the sake of satisfying their pernicious passion will simply block the sensors that bother them.

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