Alcotester in cars will go into use

Cars with built -in alcohol tiners that do not allow the engine if the driver is intoxicated may be on the market a little earlier than expected before. According to WSJ, the production of such systems with «A pipe for breathing» And with a finger sensor has already started, work is under cooperation with the Association of Automobile Producers (AAM) and the National Directorate of Traffic Safety (NHTSA, USA).

Rob Strassburger Vice President AAM Rob Strassburger noted that manufacturers «made more progress faster than we expected». However, in reality, even those who are aware of the importance of such a system for security for the driver and passengers are unlikely to agree to have a personal watch in their own car.

The appearance of such a system does not mean that now it will be forcibly installed on all cars, the installation decision is made individually or the owner of the machine, or the manufacturer. For example, alcohol tinters may appear on cars that rent. Some experts still doubt the reliability of such systems and indicate the probability of false operation. In addition, it is also necessary to determine the level of concentration of alcohol in the blood, which no longer allows you to start the machine.



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