Alfa-Bank, Vimpelcom and MasterCard presented payments based on NFC technology

Alfa Bank, «Vimpelkom» And MasterCard announced the launch of a payment service based on the non-contact payment of NFC and Mobile MasterCard PayPass using SIM cards «Beeline».

The decision submitted by the companies involves the installation of a special banking application and allows Alfa-Bank customers to purchase and pay for services, bringing a smartphone to PayPass Rider at the checkout. Transaction processing is carried out through the Alfa-Bank processing center, built on the basis of the program solutions of the Smartvista family. The money is written off from the customer bank account, to which the bank card number recorded on the SIM card is tied. Up to 1000 rubles, payment is made without the introduction of the PIN code, from above this amount, the client needs to confirm payment of the code combination of numbers.

Currently, the service is available to the Alfa-Bank customer pilot group. A wide range of models of mobile devices that support SIM Centric NFC is suitable for installing a new SIM card.



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