Alekhine’s Gun Stlax Extension will go to PC 11 Martha

It is ironic that the game about the former KGB agent in the United States can be purchased from March 1 (in versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). Residents of Europe, as well as those who prefer a PC, will have to wait on March 11. It will be possible to purchase a copy both in the disk version and in digital form. So, in Steam, the release will take place at midnight from March 11 to 12 — You can make an early purchase on the game page.

In Alekhine’s Gun, we play for the ex-employee of the KGB of the USSR by the name of Alyokhin, who in the midst of the Cold War goes on an unauthorized task to save the world from nuclear destruction. Having united with the CIA agents, our hero will go on a trip to 11 levels scattered throughout the United States, Europe and Cuba. The novelty is positioned as a spiritual heir to stealth explosion «Death to Spies» 2007. On each location we will find several tasks involving different methods of passing. In some way the project looks like a Hitman series: you have to eliminate goals, change clothes, hide, commit silent killings and imitate accidents.



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