Algae bio -oxen will cleanse air, generate energy, oxygen and food

The Mexican startup Greenfluidics received many awards for four years of existence, but did not manage to bring his technology to the market. Alas, although the concept of window coating based on panels with living algae inside has a lot of beneficial properties, it is practically not suitable for severe reality. The evidence of this is the early project of the BIQ building with a facade of similar algae, which over the nine years of existence has not attracted the attention of large businesses.

The idea is to make thin flat vertical containers in which colonies of special algae will live in water. The pump pumps carbon dioxide from the ventilation system of the building into the container so that the algae is used and sunlight for photosynthesis and vital activity, which is the beneficial product of the oxygen. The panels muffle sunlight and help cool the room, and excess biomass can be processed in biofuel or livestock food.

Greenfluidics windows
Greenfluidics windows

The difference between Greenfluidics technology is that the plates are divided into half, algae live in one, and carbon nanoparticles are applied to the second. It captures the thermal energy of the sun well without preventing the algae from receiving its light, so the thermoelectric generator can be connected to the panel and generate energy. Alas, the use of such biopanels has many nuances, so in the current version they are more reminiscent of toys for enthusiasts and lovers of new technologies.

Greenfluidics windows

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