Alien: Isolation – Trauma is on sale

It will get free of all owners of Season Pass for free, and you can purchase DLC separately for 189 rubles. We will again expand the Survivor Mode mode, which this time was complemented by three fresh cards and a new hero. Like the last time, we will be told about what happened before the main events of Alien: Isolation. That is, we will learn about the space station that occurred on board «Sevastopol» Shortly before the arrival of the team «Weiland-Yutani».

«Many enemies are waiting for you: avoid meeting them, distract their attention or fight — But do not hesitate if you want to survive, — The authors say. — Destroy the traces of your research and save the survivors at the station».

Alien: Isolation, recall, is a mixture of horror and stealth explosion. The original told the story happening 15 years after the events of the film «Stranger». The daughter of Ellen Ripley, Amanda, begins to look for the true reason for the disappearance of the mother and enters into a fight for survival. Of course, a xenomorph becomes its main enemy, a terrible alien creature that can break a person’s life into one terrible moment.


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