Alien: Isolation is sold more slowly than a failure aliens: Colonial Marines

But perhaps the most entertaining in this situation is that in terms of sales speed Alien: Islation is inferior to the shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines. Yes, the same Gearbox project, which did not mix with dirt, perhaps only lazy, turned out to be more demanded in the market. Having appeared on February 12, 2013, by March 31, he was dispersed by a circulation of 1.3 million copies. It is generally ridiculous to compare user reviews: while ISOLATION on Metacritic, the average rating of players is 8.4 points, Colonial Marines managed to score only 3.4 points (PC versions were considered).

«It was fantastic when we read the first reviews, saw the reaction of ordinary users wandering along the bowels of the station “Sevastopol” and really afraid to take the next step, — Says the creative leader Alistair Hope (Alistair Hope). — We always wanted to do just that “Strangers”, in which they themselves would like to play. Well, the numbers show that another million people agree with us».

Recall that Alien: Isolation reached the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Our task — Help Amande, daughter Ellen Ripley, to find out what happened to her mother, without hitting someone else’s clutches.


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