Aliens can easily compile a map of land by radiation of mobile phones

Researchers from the University of Manchester calculated that even with the help of imperfect human technologies, signs of extraterrestrial civilization at a distance of 10 light years by radiation of household devices can be found. More precisely, exactly the opposite – if aliens have at least the like our radio telescopes, they have long found the land by radio radiation from our mobile phones. And not just found, but studied it in detail.

In 2023, there are 7.6 billion mobile phones and 10.9 billion mobile connections in the world. Together, this creates a radio signal with a capacity of 4 GW, which reaches cosmic distances. It is difficult to detect at large distances, but the radiation is constantly growing. By the end of the decade around the Earth, about 100 thousand will circle. Satellites, because of which our planet glows very brightly in the radiodiapas for the entire close space-it is not difficult to find it.

Which is even more interesting, the signals are distributed by the planet very unevenly, which gives the observer important information. So, he will understand that life is only on land, and the vast dark areas in the radiodiapason – oceans – are unsuitable for the habitat of the local life form. He will be able to find all large cities, track the main transport routes, analyze traffic and draw conclusions about the population in different regions, and even engage in rude cartography. And all this is at a distance in many light years – do not be surprised if aliens, most likely, already know a lot about us.

Source &#8212 University of manchester

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