ALIEN: ISOLATION SHOULD SEARCH OF employees to create a new blockbuster

One of the vacancies is aimed at finding an online and multiplayer programmer components. «We create a new multi -platform high -budget blockbuster, — It is said in the announcement. — The most successful person will become part of the team working on him». Preference is given to those who have experience with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The company is also looking for an interface and animator programmer. The question remains open whether it is about continuing Alien: Isolation, or this is a unique project. «Sega and Creative Assembly do not comment on the development of non -anons from our portfolio», — The company representative said in response to Eurogamer.

In January of this year, it became known that Alien: ISOLATION was sold in one million copies circulation. And a month earlier, the developers said that they constantly reflect on the ideas for the sequel.


  • Eurogamer

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