Aliens hunting in Prey 2 trailer

Firstly, the sequel Prey has a completely different setting. If the protagonist of the first part found himself at a terrible space station, then the new main character Samuel Killian woke up in the middle of a huge alien metropolis. Killian did not sit back after he was abducted by the aliens. The former sheriff successfully engages in particularly dangerous criminals.

The latest technologies help him in this. The aiming system allows you to shoot the shredded opponents in an instant. A similar element of gameplay is present in the game Splinter Cell: Conviction. If the user does not have time for the villain, he can be caught with a special paralyzing network. After that, Killian delivers the fugitives to the local police station.

The developers will radically change the second part of PREY. The game will be more like a mixture from Mass Effect and tapes «Razor» (Blade Runner).


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