All 6 episodes of Star Wars will be released in digital services like iTunes and Google Play

Each of the six episodes will go on sale along with a mass of additional materials, including documentaries, interviews with the creators, remote scenes, as well as images of scenery and models. Some companies offer additional bonuses: for example, when buying the entire collection in the Xbox Video service, the user will be able to get a digital R2-D2 robot for his avatar in Xbox Live, a Pinbole thematic table in the free game Pinball FX 2, as well as exclusive additional materials.

The whole set in the Google Play store will cost customers $ 100, and each episode separately — At $ 20. In addition, the pre -order of the entire collection is already available on iTunes by link (the cost of each film there is much lower — 349 rub.).

Last year, rumors sounded that Disney plans to reissue the original trilogy «Star Wars» In the format of Blu-ray, without late inserts of computer graphics made by George Lucas, however, it seems that spectators will not be able to choose versions of the upcoming digital editions of the films.

Buyers of new versions will have to come to terms, for example, with an ambiguous perceived by fans «Star Wars» scene of the meeting of Khan Solo and Jabba Hatt. To get acquainted with various scenes that were processed or entirely inserted into original episodes «Star Wars», possible in our material 2005. At least all films will be available in HD resolution.


  • The Verge

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