AliExpress resumed the delivery of goods to the Crimea

Nikiforov said that he wrote a letter to the founder of Alibaba Jack Ma. «They promptly conducted an investigation, admitted that they really had some kind of problem. Whether it was connected with some logistics chains, or with American companies, or some other», — The minister explained.

Nikiforov also noted the high interest of the founder of Alibaba that AliExpress is also used to sell Russian goods in China. «They offer to actively register small and medium -sized businesses in Russia, ready to supply products from Russia to China, because it is just a huge market that is becoming more and more solvent. Due to the fact that the well -being in China is gradually increasing, the Chinese begin to buy more and more, a huge flow of imports to China begins to go, — Says the head of the Ministry of Communications. — They offer to use the AliExpress system as a powerful sales channel, and this year, by the way, they plan to exceed $ 700 billion revenue».


  • TASS

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