All lie, especially in text format

It is common for a person to tell a lie, this is not news for a long time and not even a deviation from the norm. The question is how, when and under what circumstances a person is inclined to lie more often. The answer is simple, people are more likely to lie when it is easier. For example, when communicating in text format: by SMS, e -mail, chats or in social networks messages. This obvious idea is confirmed by a study conducted by scientists from the University of British Colombia.

They attracted a group of 170 students who communicated with each other by all the means of communication available today: personally, vocabulary, vocal and in text format. And in order to stimulate the activity of the subjects, they were interested in the experiment, that is, they promised to pay in advance. Volunteers were conditionally divided into «brokers», selling assets, and «buyers», whose real reward depended on the quotations of shares following the results of the experiment.

After the start of the experiment «brokers» reported that in the near future the quotes of shares will drop in the price half, while «buyers» notified this only after the payment of a conditional transaction. And after the experiment «buyers» asked to report in whether they were deceived «Brokers» When selling «assets».

The results speak for themselves. The text format of communication turned out to be the least for the truth, here the brokers lied 95% more often than in the case of communication on video communications, 31% more often than in the case of personal communication, and 18% more often than when communicating with voice chat. This is explained simply: if there is a personal component when communication, that is, the voice of the interlocutor or visual contact with him, it becomes more difficult to say, and in the text format a person subjectively communicates with the monitor and letters that are displayed, elements of living communication are reduced almost forNo. Therefore, when buying goods via the Internet, for example, on eBay, researchers recommended that they contact sellers by phone or Skype in order to get more complete and reliable information.



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