All new cars in the US will be equipped automatic braking system

National Directorate for Traffic Safety (NHTSA), US Road Security Insurance Safety Institute and two dozen automakers reported that by 2025 almost all new cars on the American market will carry an automatic braking system on board.

According to statistics, many accidents are the result of belated braking and/or braking with insufficient effort. The driver can slow down too late for the following reasons: he is abstract or inattentive;poor visibility, for example, when moving towards the low -located sun;The unpredictability of the situation, say, when unexpected braking ahead of the coming car or crossing the pedestrian street that does not observe precaution.

In such situations, the automatic braking system allows or completely avoid a collision or soften the severity of the consequences in the case of traffic accidents, which cannot be avoided by reducing speed. Automatic braking systems during operation rely on a set of sensors: it can be radars, laser sensors, video cameras, etc.

Subaru, Tesla Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo Car. Together, these companies supply approximately 99 % of cars in the United States.

It is noted that by September 1, 2022, the automatic braking system will become mandatory on machines weighing up to 3850 kg. And by September 1, 2025, it will enter the standard completion of more and more new cars weighing up to 4500 kg.


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