All the details of The Last of USE plot flowed into the network

First of all, all the details of the plot were completely disclosed, including the ending. If you wanted to get a dubious pleasure from getting acquainted, you can look through Western news sites — We decided to refrain from this and not spoil our impression.

Also, players managed to find out the details of the multiplayer regime horror-explosion. Apparently, he is designed in the style of the multiplayer part of the Uncharted, but with some significant changes. For example, you can activate «Hearing mode» — It is impossible to shoot or move in it, but the radar will be turned on, on which your enemies will be marked. Talents will appear: «Group selection», «Silent walking», «Reinforced combo», «Healing friends», «Long combo» And «Note enemies».

In a solitary company from improvised objects, it will be possible to collect mines, bombs, bows, Molotov cocktails and muffler. Among other types of weapons is a flamethrower.


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