“Smart” container for eggs will determine their freshness

Eggs are a product, to evaluate the freshness of which is quite difficult. But engineer Rafael Hvang from Arizona still found a way to control the freshness of the egg without breaking it. And a special container will help in this.

Egg minder It is a unique egg tray, the owner of which can, using a mobile application, track the number of eggs and their freshness. Wi-Fi wireless interface is used to connect and send information. The application is compatible with the iPhone and mobile devices on Android.

The mobile application also notifies its user that the shelf life of the eggs is coming to the end.

Container capacity – 14 eggs. Moreover, next to each cell there is an LED indicator. If the egg in the cell has deteriorated, it lights up in blue.

Autonomous operation of a smart container is provided by two batteries of the AA type.

You can order a “smart” container for eggs on the Quirky website. Its cost is $ 69.99 excluding delivery.

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