Allseen Alliance will accelerate the implementation of the concept of “Internet of things”

«Internet of things» — The concept of computing networks of physical objects equipped with built -in technologies for interacting with each other or with the external environment. In June last year, Qualcomm senior vice president Rob Chandhok laconically explained the reasons for the problems of spreading this concept. Instead of working together, manufacturers create their smart TVs and devices so that they can interact only inside their own ecosystem. Instead of creating a universal wide ecosystem of devices that can interact with each other, companies build closed environment.

Fortunately, Qualcomm is going to change the situation. The organization Linux Foundation announced the establishment of the new Allseen Alliance consortium in order to create and develop an open structure that allows devices of any shape and size without unnecessary difficulties to interact with each other. At the head of the initiative — Qualcomm, LG, Panasonic, Haier, Silicon Image and TP-Link. Among the members you can also name names such as Cisco, SEARS and WILOCITY.

However, the main driving force is still Qualcomm is — The entire Allseen alliance is based on Qualcomm technology. After the company for several years has not been able to achieve significant success in promoting its Alljoyn technology, it decided to transfer its development to the Allseen Alliance. For example, back in January 2012, Qualcomm demonstrated at the Ces Exhibition the advantages of Alljoyn on the example of different products.

Such a step can really contribute to the development of the Internet of things — The ALLJOYN standard is already quite functional and convenient. Instead of the requirements to ensure that the devices are associated with each other through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Zigbee and the need for users to combine such devices, Alljoyn takes work, automatically detecting the devices and installing connections for affordable protocols.

The Verge journalists talked with Rob Chandhok from Qualcomm and Linux Foundation Director Jim Zemlin regarding the development of the standard. They said that alljoyn isolation in Allseen Alliance — This is just the following logical step in the development of technology. As in the case of the Webkit rendering engine for browsers, with Eclipse, with Hadoop, and with the Linux platform itself, the alliance founders hope that Allseen will become a standard due to attracting influential companies to create a technology necessary for everyone.

«We are at the stage when companies are trying to realize the concept of the Internet of things exclusively on their own, because they do not see another solution, and the creation of the alliance is designed to show that there is a working and sufficiently developed technology, which Qualcomm wants to share, — Mr. Chandhok noted. — We are talking about a huge problem in need of solving… There is simply no sense to everyone separately to continue to reinvent such technologies on their own again and again».

Mr. Zemlin expressed confidence that after meeting manufacturers with technology and understanding that today they can take advantage of its advantages in their products, more and more companies will join Allseen. Already with the current composition of the alliance members, according to Rob Chandhok, you can soon expect the development of standard interfaces for managing lighting, heating, air conditioning, and even dashcams of cars.

For example, in the future, cars will be able to determine the presence of passengers in them on the basis of data provided by compatible smartphones, and then give users the opportunity to lose music and manage air conditioning from a mobile device. However, Mr. Chandhok warns that you should not wait for big and ambulance innovations: «At first, we will start small, such as blocking and light bulbs, and gradually the technology will become more and more comprehensive».

The first projects with the support of Allseen Alliance will demonstrate at the CES exhibition in January of this year — Among other things, new LG TVs are promised. By the way, our journalists, as usual, will be in Las Vegas these days to inform readers about the most interesting products, prototypes and new products.


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